Women's Chunky Turquoise Necklace w/ Natural Teardrop Pendant

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There is no such thing as having too many statement pieces of jewelry. These versatile pieces can completely change the appearance of an outfit giving you twice as many looks in the same closet. If you’re looking to expand your collection of statement jewelry, or you’re simply looking for a necklace to complete your outfit, look no further than this gorgeous turquoise necklace.

This Chunky Turquoise Necklace features natural turquoise beads with a gorgeous teardrop pendant to really catch eyes. As a whole, this particular piece of jewelry features gorgeous coloring and raw shapes that we can’t help but love. With that being said, this piece of jewelry is handmade, so while the piece that you receive will look similar to that in the image, no two pieces are alike.

  • Chunky Necklace
  • Teardrop Pendant
  • Gorgeous Statement Piece
  • Length: 15” plus a 2" Extender Chain
  • Natural Turquoise
  • Pendant Size: 1” to 2”