Tough-1 Rope Headstall with Rope Nose and Snaffle Gag Combo

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Product Details

This bitted headstall is designed with a free sliding bit for a gag action that doesn’t put pressure on the bars of the mouth. This bit can help to elevate a horse in a turn and push their legs underneath them. This style has a single-jointed sweet iron snaffle mouthpiece and should not be used with a curb chain or the draw action will be restricted. Complete with fully adjustable fit using a rope halter style knot. (Please note: sweet iron is designed to rust)

  • 5" mouthpiece, 3 1/2" cheek, 11" rope nose
  • Black sweet iron finish
  • Single-jointed snaffle mouthpiece
  • Rope nose
  • Free sliding bit for gag action
  • Popular for speed events
  • Promotes elevation and collection