RWR No Knot Hair Nets

$7.97 - $13.95
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Product Details

The Real Women Ride No Knot Hair Nets are super easy to use. Pull-on, pull up and you are done! Eliminates that hurried race to get your hair just right under your helmet.

The unique design of these hair nets makes bobby pins and barrettes a thing of the past. With no knots or pins, your hair net will be comfortable under your helmet and will keep your hair looking sleek and tidy.

They have a cool, comfortable, seamless browband and are strong and stretchy. They come with matching organza, drawstring bag for safe-keeping.

How to put hair net on:

  • Pull net down around your neck
  • Slide up and place band along the hairline
  • Pull net up, gather hair
  • Tuck excess hair into open top