Montana Silversmiths Men's Modern Faith Dog Tag Necklace

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This necklace is to be worn by anyone who has a warrior spirit on the traditional battlefield, or on the battlefield of life. It is a fun, modern take on the dog tag, finished in fine silver with our Warrior Collections logo and elongated for a clean, minimal look. The logo represents God, the beginning (backward B), and end (forward-facing against the B). This life, this mission, is represented by the cross in the middle connecting the B and E. It is a reminder that no one, even the most perfect among us, no one gets out of this life without great suffering. The inspiration for the collection stems from the questions: Who will you be? Will you be a warrior? Will you look at this life as a vapor, a moment in eternity? Will you take rest in the knowledge you have the great? I am? commanding the war, winning it all in the beginning and end". The pendant hangs on a braided 26-inch chain. A portion of the sales goes to the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation.

Dimensions: 2.3" H

Materials: 99.9% fine silver finish over a brass base. Rhodium over a brass base. Montana Armor to help prevent tarnish. Paint.