Lexol Leather Tack Cleaner Quick Wipes

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Lexol Leather Tack Cleaner Wipes safely clean leather and are so easy and convenient. Just pull a single towel out of the top of the container and you have a good-sized towel for cleaning your saddle, bridle, boots, or any leather item that needs it. Each disposable towel is moistened with Lexol PH Leather Cleaner but is not drippy or messy. Great for horse shows!

  • 25 towels per container
  • pH balanced
  • Quick and convenient

Gentle Lexol Leather Cleaner quick wipes are safe for most tack, except for suede, but do check with tack manufacturer if you aren't certain. It's always a good idea with any leather care product to test a small, hidden spot to make sure there is no discoloration or changes you don't like. The all-in-one leather quick wipes mean you don't need to search for a tack cleaning sponge or cloth when you're in a hurry - like at the in-gate at the show! Super smart tack care product to keep in your horse show ringside tote. Lexol Leather Tack Cleaner Step 1 Wipes are great for use at home on your leather chairs, shoes, belts, and car seats, too!