Kavalkade Florina KavalSH4 Round Stitched Bridle

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Made of high-quality German leather, the "Florina KavalSH4" bridle impresses with its elegance: The round-stitched side straps, the curved browband with large white rhinestones and the wide noseband with varnish make the bridle look unique on every horse's head. The particularly anatomical and padded headpiece also ensures a high level of comfort. The "Florina KavalSH4" bridle is delivered without reins.

On bridles with the addition KavalSH4, the flash strap is removable. The special thing about it is that the holder for the flash strap is not visible, as is the case with conventional bridles with a removable flash strap. Unlike traditional bridles with visible flash strap brackets, KavalSH4 bridles are LPO compliant.

  • German leather
  • Swedish noseband
  • Detachable flashing strap without visible holder (KavalSH4)
  • Round-stitched side straps, adjustable at the top of the poll -
  • Tpered throat strap
  • Anatomical, specially padded headpiece
  • Narrow, curved browband with large white rhinestones
  • Wide noseband with lacquer, tapered
  • Without reins