Wind Aid - Equine Breathing Aid - 32 oz.

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Wind Aid from Hawthorne Products has proven effective in opening up blocked passageways and easing irritated throats. Safe to use on competition horses.

Changes in weather, allergies, dry and dusty conditions, and infection can be a catalyst for respiratory-tract problems. Wind Aid is a blend of natural aromatic oils and potassium iodide (expectorant). It is designed to offer temporary relief of bronchial congestion, allergies, wind problems and minor throat irritation. Wind Aid works as an expectorant, which allows for a more open air passage and freer breathing. It is glycerin based which helps provide a soothing coating in the irritated surfaces of the throat.

  • Allows for more open air passage
  • Works as an expectorant
  • Good for seasonal allergies, respiratory track problems and coughs
  • Given orally as a liquid