Shapley's Original M-T-G PLUS

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Product Details

Original M-T-G PLUS works just like the original M-T-G but with a new, light herbal fragrance.

Original M-T-G PLUS successfully treats the following conditions: rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. It has been touted to work on thrush and white line disease.

  • New, light herbal fragrance
  • Treats at the source to dry up and heal the affected area
  • Promotes both healthy skin and hair regrowth
  • Keeps the skin conditioned while creating a barrier against the elements
  • Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days
  • Can be used on dogs, cats and livestock
  • Great on mane and tails too