Farnam Quietex Show Supplement for Horses - Paste

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Ideal for use during competition, busy show environments, trailering, daily training activities and other stressful situations. Helps support mental clarity and concentration, allowing horse to maintain focus and achieve optimal performance. Will hinder athletic ability or performance. Can be fed alone or Paste and Pellets can be combined for added calming.

Paste provides fast-acting stress relief to keep horse relaxed and confident in the show ring. Pellets provide calming, focusing and digestive support to help manage nervous behavior and promote unflappable concentration needed for optimal performance through the gut-brain axis. Combines key ingredients to support a balanced gut microbiota and helps horse stay relaxed and alert during rigorous performance demands.

Contains crude protein, crude fat, DHA, EPA, crude fiber, ADF, NDF, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, selenium, pyridoxine and folic acid.

Paste directions: Feed contents of syringe directly on back of horse’s tongue. Maintenance - 1/2 syringe (15 cc) as needed. Performance - 1 syringe (30 cc) 2-4 hours prior to competition or event. Repeat during each performance day and adjust for desired results. Trailering - 1 syringe (30 cc) 2-4 hours before loading.