Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte

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All horses sweat, but you can help your mane man recover from a great workout—or just a particularly hot day—with Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte Granules Apple Flavor Horse Supplement! Horses sweat for various reasons including exercise, weather, stress and illness. Sweating results in the loss of water and sodium chloride, potassium and lesser amounts of calcium and magnesium. Electrolyte deficits can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, reduced feed and water intake and reduced sweating, leading to overheating and compromising your horse’s overall health and performance. Apple Elite Electrolyte Powder replaces vital minerals lost through sweat during exercise, extreme weather conditions, and stressful situations. This complete horse electrolyte formula is an excellent way to encourage healthy water consumption year-round. Plus, it supports muscle function, fluid balance and energy production at a cellular level. Plus, this palatable apple-flavored powder is ideal for daily use—simply mix in with your horse's regular grain ration.

  • Encourages healthy water consumption year-round for optimal hydration, proper digestion, muscle function and recovery
  • Complete horse electrolyte formula contains a balanced electrolyte profile with sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium—plus, it comes in an apple-flavored powder that horses love!
  • Great for any horse that sweats for a prolonged period of time—not just work horses!
  • Great to keep horses drinking during hot, humid summer climates as well as in cold, icy winter weather
  • Ideal for use during training or trail riding, shows, events, trailering, settling into a new barn or boarding facility or when stressed from poor nutrition or digestive upset