Exhibitors Quic Black Shampoo

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Product Details

Quic Black intensifies black and subdues unwanted red tones in faded and sunburned genetic black, dark bay, dark brown, dilute black, blue or sooty buckskin and dun coats. By altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft.

Quic Black produces:
  • an iridescent blue black in genetic black coats
  • a saturated jet black in faded black coats
  • a predominance of a glistening black in dark bay and brown coats
  • a rich mahogany tones in red bays and
  • a hint of violet hue in blood red, blue and sooty buckskin and dun coats.

  • Quic Black is both a color intensifier and a deep cleansing shampoo. It is gentle, safe, has a near neutral pH, contains no bleach nor harsh chemicals. 16 fl. oz.