The Infused Equestrian Noggin Helmet Spray - 4 oz.

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Noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray & More

After several requests and some R&D, The Infused Equestrian has created a better helmet spray.

Noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray & More is a versatile product designed to combat odors, disinfect, and provides additional benefits.


  • Odor Neutralization: Noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray & More is formulated to neutralize odors on contact. This could be particularly useful for items that tend to develop odors over time, such as helmets, boots, gloves, shoes, fabrics, blankets, and vehicle interiors.
  • Purification and Disinfection: The spray purifies, cleanses, and disinfects naturally. Noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray & More uses natural agents to help eliminate bacteria and germs that contribute to odors and potentially unclean conditions.
  • All-Natural and Non-Toxic: The Noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray & More formula is all-natural and non-toxic, and should appeal to individuals seeking safer and environmentally friendly options for odor control.
  • Supports Healthy Hair Growth: An added bonus is that the product supports healthy hair growth due to the Cedarwood essential oil in in its formula.

Directions for Use:

  • 1.) Shake the bottle well before use.
  • 2.) Spray the product directly onto the inside of the equipment or the target surface.
  • 3.) Allow the product to air dry.


  • + Water
  • + Alcohol
  • + Lemon Peel
  • + Citronella Leaf
  • + Organic Lavandin
  • + Lemongrass
  • + Organic Rosemary
  • + Cedarwood
  • + Myrtle
  • + Organic Tea Tree Leaf