Majyk Equipe Infinity Fetlock Boots w/ Arti-Lage Technology

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Product Details

The Infinity Fetlock Boots (Young Horse) use BASF TPU for a soft, flexible shell and a harder strike area for shock resistance. Cool air venting prevents overheating and double-stitched USA Velcro closures increase durability. ARTi-LAGE material inside the Strike Guard offers a secondary layer of protection that hardens instantly upon impact. The boots are neoprene-free and naturally breathable with additional perforations for heat management, making them ideal for sensitive horses. FEI Young Horse Compliant.

  • BASF TPU Flexible Outer Shell
  • Vented Design to Cool Horse’s Leg
  • Dual Density Strike Guard Protection
  • Inner Strike Guard with ARTi-LAGE
  • Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner
  • Double Stitched Finishing
  • Long Straps for Adjustment
  • FEI Compliant for use on a Young Horse