Kavalkade Mia Swedish Dressage Bridle

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Kavalkade Swedish combined bridle Mia is our most popular dressage bridle! It is made of very good quality leather. This leather stands for very good longevity and robustness for everyday work. The headband has screwed rhinestones in different sizes. Significantly long-lasting hold of every stone. The headpiece and noseband are softly padded and fit the horse's head perfectly. The noseband is overflowing, so fewer buckles are necessary. The noseband becomes narrower towards the sides to relieve additional pressure on the lateral nerve pathways.

  • Swedish noseband, overflowing
  • Padded headpiece and noseband
  • Noseband narrows at the sides
  • Curved browband with embedded white stones
  • Bridle hooks on the bit parts
  • Includes narrow, rubberized reins with bars
  • The cheek pieces in size KB are significantly wider (2.5 cm )