EquiFit Essential® BitTape™

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Product Details

A discreet & comfortable silicone wrap to help prevent bit pinching & create a gentle feel that horses love. Essential BitTape is a new approach to a long-trusted training aid.

  • Versatile & Easy to Use - Designed for multiple uses depending on application & style of bit
  • Cushioned Comfort - Softens the bit for sensitive horses
  • Alternative to Bit Guards - Helps prevent pinching
  • Aids in Bit Repair - Creates a smooth surface on chewed up bits Easy to Use - Cut to your preferred length
  • Secure Storage - Resealable plastic bag keeps out dirt, air & moisture
  • Size: Regular size is 1” (2.5 cm) W x 120” (304.8 cm) L

Directions for Use:

  • Start with a clean & dry workspace to ensure proper adherence.
  • Cut your desired length of BitTape. The average horse bit takes approx. 6-12", but this can vary with application or size of bit.
  • Gently pre-stretch the BitTape material.
  • Place the starting edge on the front of the bit to avoid creating a bump against the horse's tongue.
  • Overlap the BitTape approx. 50% onto itself as your wrap.
  • Once wrapped, squeeze the material firmly to ensure proper adhesion.
  • If you see signs of wear or BitTape begins to loosen, cut it off, discard & re-wrap the bit with new material.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Take your time! Once BitTape has adhered to itself, you will not be able to unwrap & re-use material.
  • For best results, apply the minimum number of layers required (over-wrapping may reduce durability).
  • Do not leave horses unattended with a wrapped bit in their mouth for an extended period of time.
  • BitTape will generally last multiple rides, depending on the efficacy of application, the number of layers applied, the style of bit, how much the horse chews & other factors.

Other Information:

  • Non-toxic
  • Intended for single-use application.
  • Store the unused portion of the BitTape roll back in its sealed bag to protect from dirt, air & moisture.
  • Check with your competitive organization(s) before use during competition
  • Materials: 85%-95% methyl vinyl silicone (silicone rubber compound) & 5-15% proprietary additives.
  • Not hazardous under OSHA or WHMIS criteria.
  • FDA compliant to §177.2600, CFR 21 “Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use”.
  • BitTape has not been evaluated for long term use with horses.