DSB Glossy Dressage Sport Boots

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The Glossy Dressage Sport Boot is designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse. The Glossy DSB features a resilient plush fleece lining with a rugged Patent Leather PVC exterior. Providing fashion plus function is what the Glossy DSB is all about.

  • The DSB features a rugged vinyl exterior with a Coverlight strike area. Coverlight is tear, puncture, and abrasion-resistant and has excellent overall durability.
  • It is also waterproof making this an exceptional choice to withstand the rigors of the equestrian environment.
  • These boots make life easier for the rider because of their easy strap application system and simple care.

Instructions: The DSB is placed on the horse's leg with the straps to the outside of the leg and closing toward the back of the leg. The boot should fit securely without binding or overlapping.

Care: Your boots are designed to be machine washable. Wash in warm water and normal detergent. We recommend air drying or low heat machine drying. High heat or long periods of direct sun are not recommended.

Note: Depending on the size of boot you purchase they may have 2 or 3 straps.