Schockemohle Sports Westminster Bridle

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The Westminster round-stitched bridle from Schockemöhle Sports gives every horse a particularly elegant look with maximum wearing comfort. The innovative headpiece optimally positions the straps of the cheek pieces and noseband, and the bridle can be individually fitted in the neck area. The anatomically shaped special noseband made of ecological leather has small, padded D-rings. The buckling of the bridle under the head is padded by a soft pad. The Westminster bridle is rounded off by the curved browband with large crystals.

  • Rolled bridle with maximum wearing comfort
  • Adjustable at neck
  • Innovative headpiece that optimally positions the straps of the cheekpieces and the noseband strap
  • Anatomically shaped crank
  • Noseband with padded small D-rings
  • Soft pad to cover the back buckles
  • Curved browband with big crystals