Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder

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COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is a natural, safe and effective solution for preventing and treating equine skin issues such as rain rot, itch and odor. It is revolutionary because it prevents chafing, fungus and pathogenic microbes from taking up residence on your horse. It's a game changer because it soothes and calms allergies, hives and sweet itch without harsh medications. It is effective for drying sweat and moisture quickly, saving you time and preventing your horse from freezing when temperatures drop. In addition to alleviating skin problems, it can be used between baths as a dry shampoo.


  • Eliminates and prevents rain rot, fungus, thrush, scratches and odor
  • Soothes itchy and inflamed skin caused by insect bites, allergies, hives or sweet itch
  • Use to save time drying moisture and sweat in cold months
  • Prevent chafing, rubs, fungus and bacteria under equipment including boots, Rx boots, blankets and saddle pads
  • As a dry bath to protect and retain natural shine
  • HUMANS love it too: Dries and dissipates odor on contact anywhere on the body, also in helmets, boots, blankets and equipment
  • Effective for dogs and other barnyard animals