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Maximizing Equine Health: The Impact of Hay Nets on Horse Well-being

Maximizing Equine Health: The Impact of Hay Nets on Horse Well-being

Posted by Aubry Boonstra on 5th Apr 2024

Equine care encompasses various aspects, from exercise routines to grooming practices. Among these, feeding methods play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of our equine companions. A recent study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science delves into the effects of hay nets on horse body weight, body condition score, hay usage, and dental health. In this blog post, we'll explore the findings of this study and discuss how hay nets can contribute to optimizing equine health.

Understanding the Study:

Led by experts in equine nutrition and veterinary science, the study aimed to evaluate the impact of hay nets on key aspects of equine health. Over a significant duration, researchers meticulously compared horses fed with hay nets to those fed using traditional feeding methods. Through thorough observations and measurements, they sought to uncover the potential benefits or drawbacks of employing hay nets as a feeding tool.

Key Findings:

  • Bodyweight and Body Condition Score: One of the noteworthy findings of the study was the correlation between hay net usage and stable bodyweight and body condition scores in horses. By providing controlled access to hay, hay nets helped regulate horses' intake, resulting in more consistent body conditions and minimizing fluctuations in bodyweight.
  • Hay Usage: The study also shed light on the efficiency of hay utilization with the use of hay nets. Horses fed with hay nets were observed to waste less hay compared to those fed without them. This reduced wastage not only translates to cost savings for horse owners but also ensures that horses receive an adequate and steady supply of forage, crucial for their digestive health and overall well-being.
  • Dental Health: Dental health emerged as a significant aspect influenced by hay net usage. The study revealed that the slower consumption encouraged by hay nets promotes thorough chewing, thereby supporting better dental health in horses. By reducing the risk of dental issues such as sharp enamel points and dental decay, hay nets contribute to maintaining horses' oral health and overall comfort.

Implications for Equine Care:

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Link to the Study:

For those keen on exploring the study in detail, the full article is accessible here.


In the pursuit of equine health and welfare, every decision counts. The findings of this study underscore the importance of mindful feeding practices, with hay nets emerging as a valuable tool in optimizing equine health. By incorporating hay nets into feeding routines, horse owners can promote stable body weight, minimize wastage, and support better dental health in their beloved companions. Let's embrace informed choices in feeding management, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our equine partners.

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