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The History of Millbrook Tack in Grand Rapids

The History of Millbrook Tack in Grand Rapids

17th Oct 2022

Family Owned in Michigan

Millbrook Tack was founded in 1992 by Dan and Rosemary Howell. They had a daughter anxious to take her Arabian horse in the show ring and nowhere but a catalog to choose tack from. As equestrians know, you need to know all about a product it before buying it! One idea led to another and Millbrook Tack opened a small storefront in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“The Eastern Store”, as the family referred to it, thrived with the business of local equestrians and soon got too big for its location in a small strip mall. Location, location, location drove Dan and Rosemary to a little motel called the Cadet Motor Inn that was soon closing. A bulldozer and a large construction crew later, Millbrook Tack had a 34,000 square foot building to serve our customers to the best of our ability!

Customer Service & Expert Knowledge

The pair then hired the most knowledgeable staff they could find to provide customers with excellent advice, product education, and friendly service. This remains the same service we strive to provide today.

What Dan and Rosemary didn’t know was how prominent Millbrook Tack would become in the community and that it would become much more than a tack store. The store became a place for a listening ear or a cup of joe during the bustle of daily errands. They didn’t know the bonds that would be built while we shape your hat, the stories we would share while relating to the same problem horses, or the tears we would comfort hearing of great ones passed.

We are horsemen and women just like everyone who walks in our doors. We are here for camaraderie, education, support, and a friendly smile. Millbrook Tack has remained a family business since opening the doors 30 years ago. We are grateful to continue the mission that started it all and are incredibly thankful for the customers that keep us all feeling like family each and every day.