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Michigan State Parks to Trail Ride in the Upcoming Season

Michigan State Parks to Trail Ride in the Upcoming Season

Posted by Aubry Boonstra on 22nd Mar 2024

Exploring the natural beauty of Michigan’s landscapes on horseback is a pastime that equestrian enthusiasts eagerly anticipate as the warmer seasons approach. With an abundance of trails winding through lush forests and picturesque vistas, Michigan State Parks offer some of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences for riders of all levels. In this post, we've curated a list of some of the top Michigan State Parks for trail riding, which will leave you and your equine companion longing for more outdoor adventures.

Allegan State Game Area - Equestrian Paradise

Nestled in the largest state game area in Michigan, the Allegan State Game Area is a treasure trove for riders with its impressive 60-mile network of trails. Linked to the Silver Creek Equestrian Park and Campground, this park provides not only extensive trails but also the convenience of horse-friendly camping. The diversity of its landscape—from sprawling fields to forests—leaves riders in awe of its beauty!

Brighton Recreation Area - Diverse Terrain for Dynamic Riding

The Brighton Recreation Area is your ideal destination for a ride that comes with a side of challenge and striking natural beauty. It spans 21 miles of trails featuring variable terrain that ranges from rolling hills to steep elevations. The paths weave around the serene Lake Bishop, and the area is equipped with riding rentals, a stable, equestrian camping, and a staging area set up perfect for starting your adventure.

Highland Recreation Area - Tranquility on the Murray Lake Trail

What sets the Highland Recreation Area apart is the exquisite Murray Lake Trail. With a path that envelops riders in an almost meditative peace, the trail circuit around several lakes is a unique experience. The thickly forested areas frame a quintessential Michigan ride that every horse enthusiast should experience at least once.

Ionia Recreation Area - Well-Groomed Trails and Challenging Rides

In the Ionia Recreation Area, 15 miles of meticulously maintained trails await. This includes the Ionia-Heartland Trail, a favorite among riders seeking a mix of adventure and beauty. Additionally, the park provides equestrian camping facilities for those looking to immerse themselves fully in nature with their horses.

Shore-to-Shore Trail - A Rider’s Dream Journey

While not a specific park, the Shore-to-Shore Trail is something of a legend among the equestrian community. This incredible 420-mile trail is a bucket list ride for many, offering diverse Michigan scenery and a sense of camaraderie among fellow trail riders. It's the ultimate long-distance ride, traversing from one end of Michigan to the other, promising a sense of accomplishment and an epic story to tell.

Before you saddle up to explore these extraordinary parks, ensure you and your horse are fully equipped for the trek. Visit Millbrook Tack to gear up on all your riding essentials—from saddles and bridles to comfortable riding attire tailored for the trail.

And remember, adventure is just a hoofbeat away! For a comprehensive picture of horse-friendly trails and to plan your trail-hopping adventure, check out the full list of horse-friendly state parks. Get ready to explore the very best that Michigan trail riding has to offer!

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