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Spring Into Horse Grooming: Essential Products for Your Horse

Spring Into Horse Grooming: Essential Products for Your Horse

Posted by Aubry Boonstra on 14th Mar 2024

Springtime is a season of renewal and rejuvenation, and this holds true for your horse's care routine as well. With the changing weather, it's essential to adapt your grooming techniques to maintain your horse's health and appearance. In this blog post, we will discuss some of our favorite, best-selling grooming products that should be on every horse owner's radar as the seasons shift.

Fight Fungus (Amungus)

Spring showers bring May flowers, but they can also introduce unwanted moisture that promotes fungal growth on your horse's skin. "Hay Where's That It's A Fungus Amungus" is an excellent product to tackle this issue. Its antifungal properties help manage conditions such as ringworm and rain rot, which are more prevalent during damp spring months. Application is simple; clean the affected area and apply the product directly. Consider incorporating this treatment into your grooming sessions, especially after rainy days.

Say Goodbye to Rubbing

Mane and tail itching can become a nuisance for horses, leading them to rub against fences and stable walls, causing hair breakage and skin sores. Leovet No Rub is a top-quality product designed to soothe itchy manes and tails. Its formula helps heal the skin and nourish hair roots, combating the incessant need to scratch. For best results, wash your horse's mane and tail and apply No Rub to damp hair, massaging it down to the roots. This product is particularly useful in spring when horses may react to new environmental allergens.

Tangles No More

A lustrous mane and tail are the pride of any horse in the spring show ring. The Leovet 5-Star Detangler not only helps in removing knots but also adds a lovely shine and repels dust. After a thorough brushing, spray the detangler directly onto the mane and tail, then work through with a comb or your fingers. This step will make grooming easier and reduce the risk of breaking strands. Plus, your horse will look fantastic!

Break Up With Thrush - For Good

Hoof care is vital year-round, but spring moisture elevates the risk of thrush, a common hoof ailment caused by bacteria and fungi. Leovet FrogMedic is formulated to treat and prevent thrush, safeguarding your horse's hooves during this susceptible time. To use, trim away any decayed hoof material, clean the hoof, and apply FrogMedic to the frog and sulci. Regular hoof inspections can catch thrush early before it becomes a more severe problem.

HAAS Brushes - Millbrook Tack

A good, thorough brushing is the foundation of any grooming practice, and quality brushes can make all the difference. HAAS brushes are renowned for their effectiveness and durability. Their wide range includes options for every part of the grooming process, from dirt removal to polishing coats. Use a stiffer brush for thick winter coats shedding in spring and finish with a softer bristle brush for a radiant coat.

Make De-Shedding a Breeze

Speaking of shedding, the SleekEZ Grooming Blades are indispensable for removing loose hair and undercoat that horses shed in spring. With its unique tooth pattern, it's highly effective yet gentle on the skin. Use with caution around sensitive areas but apply liberally where your horse is shedding to quickly remove dead hair and promote a sleek, smooth coat.

By incorporating these products into your horse grooming routine, you'll ensure that your equine companion not only feels great but also looks their best as they head into the spring season. Remember, regular grooming not only maintains your horse's physical appearance but also allows you to spot any health issues that might arise with the change of season. Happy Grooming!