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A Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

A Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

Posted by Aubry Boonstra on 28th Feb 2024

Spring heralds a fresh start, and there's no better time to show some TLC to your trusty steed's ride: the horse trailer. While many of us are quick to tidy up the barn and organize the tack room, the trailer often gets sidelined until it’s time to hit the road. However, the spring cleaning of your horse trailer is not just about sparkle—it's about safety too.

From our hay-covered boots to yours, we've swept and scrubbed enough trailers to have learned a trick or two—and we've got some tips to share! Grab your power washer and elbow grease; it's time to get your horse trailer road-ready for a year of adventures.

Clear Out and Scrub Down

First, yank out all that bedding. It's had a cozy winter serving as a hotel for mice or a sponge for unmentionable spills. Once you hit the floors, it's like an archeological dig—a hay straw here, a forgotten hoof pick there—oh, the things you'll find when you start excavating!

Next up, the pressure washer comes in; we swear it's as satisfying as peeling off those horsehair-caked sweatshirts after a long winter ride. When you hit the undercarriage, imagine you're blasting away all the grueling miles and salty stories from winter road treatments—your trailer’s unsung hero needs some love too.

Window Shine and Airflow Prime

Oh, the windows and vents! If they could talk, they'd tell you about the dust storms they've braved. Give them a clear view with a solid wash. More importantly, clear vents mean fresh air for your four-hoofed companions on a hot summer's day.

Germ Warfare

Imagine this—microscopic invaders from last season's sniffles lurk on every surface. Unleash with disinfectant! Scrubbing down those partitions and bars might just defend your horse from the siege of unseen bugs.

Check Twice, Haul Nice

While you're inspecting, give a once-over to the tires, hitch, and all those moving parts. The number of times we've found a loose bolt or a wobbly hinge—it's like an Easter egg hunt, but the stakes are way higher, also there's no candy.

Always, always check your electrical and braking systems. You never want to find yourself on the wrong side of a brake failure—trust us, that's a thrilling story you don't want to live to tell.

Out With The Old

The inevitable has arrived—sorting the storage areas. If you're like us, you've hoarded enough travel-sized shampoos and conditioners to open a salon. But it's time to part ways with expired items and restock with the essentials. A well-organized trailer is not just convenient; it's a lifesaver in emergencies.

And while you're at it, why not check your first-aid kit? Replace anything out of date because, honestly, when was the last time you checked that ointment expiration date?

Lastly, Maintain to Retain

If we've learned one thing, it's to keep up with maintenance year-round. It turns the marathon of spring cleaning into a leisurely jog. And really, doesn’t a clean, well-stocked trailer just make you feel like you might have your life a little bit together? It sets a good tone for your journey at the very least.

Shout-Out To The Road Warriors

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Remember to tag us on Instagram in your spring cleaning triumphs @Millbrooktack.

Happy Spring Cleaning, everyone—and here's to the journeys ahead!