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What Are the Different Types of Equestrian Eventing?

What Are the Different Types of Equestrian Eventing?

8th Feb 2023

English eventing is a challenging and exciting sport that combines the equestrian disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. Millbrook Tack is dedicated to providing riders with the best equipment and information they need to excel in this thrilling sport. Our comprehensive guide to eventing will help you understand the different phases and scoring of this exciting equestrian competition.

The Three Phases of Eventing

1. Dressage

First, dressage is considered the "ballet" of eventing and tests the horse's obedience, suppleness, and balance. The horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements in an arena, with scores based on their overall performance, execution of each movement, and the horse's overall way of going.

2. Cross Country

Next, cross-country is the most physically demanding phase and is considered the "heart and soul" of the sport. It takes place outside of an arena, featuring a variety of natural and man-made obstacles that test the horse's fitness, endurance, and courage. The horse and rider will be judged on their speed, accuracy, and overall performance, with penalties for mistakes such as refusals or falls.

3. Show Jumping

Show jumping is the final phase and is considered the "showcase" of eventing. In an arena, the horse and rider jump a series of obstacles, testing the horse's athleticism, technique, and scope. The horse and rider will be judged on their overall performance, with penalties for mistakes such as knockdowns or exceeding the time allowed.

Eventing Skill Levels

English eventing is divided into three levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced. The introductory level is for new riders, with simple dressage movements and riding at a walk, trot, and canter. The intermediate level is for riders with honed skills, featuring more complex movements, higher fences, and longer cross-country courses. The advanced level is for experienced competitive riders, featuring technical dressage movements, maximum height fences, and longer, more technical cross-country courses. 

Equestrian Eventing Gear

It is crucial for riders to use proper equipment, including saddles, bits, bridles, reins, and eventing apparel and helmets, to ensure the safety and comfort of both themselves and their horses.

Millbrook Tack Is for All Equestrians

English eventing is a sport that rewards horsemanship, athletic ability, and teamwork. By understanding the different levels, phases, and scoring, you'll be able to appreciate the sport more and make the most of your eventing journey. Millbrook Tack is here to help, providing you with all the information, apparel, and equipment you need to succeed.