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Best Gifts for Your Trainer: A Guide from Millbrook Tack

Best Gifts for Your Trainer: A Guide from Millbrook Tack

Posted by Millbrook Tack on 15th Dec 2023

As an equestrian, you know how important it is to have a great trainer. They inspire, motivate, teach, and encourage us through every step of our horsemanship journey. Show your appreciation for your trainer with a thoughtful gift. However, finding the perfect horse trainer gift can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for your trainer. From practical to sentimental, we have s trainer. And, of course, all of these items can be found at Millbrook Tack, your one-stop shop for all things equestrian.

1. Practical Horse Trainer Gifts

Gifts that can be used daily and make the trainer’s life easier are always appreciated. One such gift is a Weatherbeeta fleece cooler, which is perfect for after workouts or during cool weather. For trainers who work in colder climates, a heated jacket and cozy scarf are sure to be a hit.

2. Equestrian Jewelry

For those trainers who appreciate the finer details, equestrian jewelry is a perfect choice. For the English enthusiast, english horseshoe earrings and an english saddle stirrup necklace are a great option. Or, for those who prefer western riding, western saddle stirrup earrings and a western saddle stirrup necklace are an excellent choice.

3. Wine Down Mug

After a long day of training, many trainers will appreciate a way to unwind. A horseshow themed insulated wine mug does just that, allowing trainers to enjoy a glass of wine or their favorite drink while relaxing. 

4. Accessories

From winter riding gloves to a chic knit winter hat, Millbrook Tack has everything a trainer needs to stay warm and stylish while working with horses. And, keeping important items close at hand is essential when around horses, so why not give them a belt bag?

5. Keychains and Greeting Cards

For a less pricey option, keychains are great functional gifts for trainers to show their love for their sport. A dee ring snaffle keychain and a hand-tooled key fob are great options for English and Western riders, respectively. And, finally, a best trainer greeting card is a simple yet meaningful way to acknowledge your trainer’s hard work and dedication. Don’t forget to add a touch of flair with equestrian-themed gift wrap.

6. A Good Read

If your trainer is an avid reader, then an equestrian book like Saddle Seeks Horse, Horses Adored and Men Endured: A Memoir of Falling--Horse Bo by Jessica Jahiel is an excellent choice. This book is an incredible memoir of one woman's journey through horses and life.

Your trainer's hard work and dedication are invaluable, so why not show your appreciation with something special? Millbrook Tack has a wide range of gifts for trainers that are sure to be cherished. Whether you opt for practical gifts or sentimental ones, your trainer will be grateful for any gesture of appreciation. So, go ahead and select a unique riding instructor gift today, knowing that you are helping to nurture a relationship built on mutual respect, trust, and admiration.