Tough-1 Antique Brown Low Port Bit - 5"

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Product Details

This bit features a stainless steel mouth with antique brown cheeks for a more western styled look. The low and wide port design with barrel offers more room for the tongue and aids in quicker relief when flexing at the poll. This bit is designed with multiple joints so that each side can be worked individually. The addition of a curb chain to this bit can help increase speed, rating, and stop.

  • Antique brown cheeks with silver dot accents
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece with barrel center
  • Low and wide port design
  • Multi-jointed for independent movement
  • Add a curb chain to help increase speed, rating, and stop
  • 5" mouthpiece, 6" cheek, 1" port, 3" shank, 2" purchase, 1" rein ring, 1" headstall ring