Weaver Women's Turquoise Cross Pioneer Spur Straps

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Horsemen of long ago adorned both themselves and their mounts with the esteemed turquoise stone to ensure safety, health and surefootedness. Keeping this spirit alive as a tribute to these horsemen of the past, Weaver Leather set out to design a line of tack that embodies the trust and friendship between you and your horse. The subtle turquoise-colored foil cross on each piece of Turquoise Cross tack is meant to bring blessings and good health to you and your horse for a good ride, no matter where that may be. Imported under Weaver Leather's strict standards for quality, you can rest assured that this tack not only looks great, but is built to last.

  • Ladies' spur straps
  • Cowboy boot-inspired tack features red leather with subtle sanding for rustic style and beautiful inlays featuring black and silver tones with a unique embroidered design
  • Non-rust stainless steel hardware