Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Tender Touch Bit

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Product Details

Top-selling transition bit for introducing indirect control of leverage from the shank and pressure from the curb chain. Works off tongue, lips and bar pressure. Adjust headstall up to touch or one wrinkle and loosen curb to 3-4 fingers to allow gag action to work properly. Sweet iron encourages salivation for a supple feeling mouth.

  • Brand: Reinsman
  • Bit Style: Gag Action
  • Bit Stage: Stage B (Transitional - Switching between neck and direct reining)
  • Cheeks: 5" Cheeks
  • Mouth Size: 5 1/2" Mouth
  • Mouth Diameter: 1/2"
  • Mouth Material: Sweet Iron
  • Mouth Type: 3-Piece, Lifesaver, Wrapped
  • Endorsed B: Sharon Camarillo