Rattler GT4 Team Rope


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The GT4 by rattler ropes is a four-strand that's easy to handle with lots of body. Lots of body means a larger loop that stays open better than any rope in the arena. It means you will catch more steers. More steers means you are going to be more consistent. More consistent means...well, we think you'll figure that out for yourself. The GT4 is chosen by World Champions such as Walt Woodard, Randon Adams, Kollin VonAhn, Jade Corkill and professionals like Travis Graves, Drew Horner Team Roper, Buddy Hawkins, Brad Culpepper... and many more.

  • 4 Strand Head Rope
  • 100% Dyed Nylon
  • Length: 30'
  • Diameter: 3/8 True
  • Lays: Extra Extra Soft, Extra Soft, Soft