Strike King 1/2 Oz Red Eye Shad Tungsten 2-Tap


The pros know. The original Strike King® Red Eye Shad rattlebait is the most-thrown, most productive lipless crankbait on the pro tour. The Tungsten 2-Tap takes the Red Eye Shad's strongest feature to another level. Instead of using standard free floating rattles, the Strike King 2-Tap is built with a unique tungsten sound chamber that produces a distinctive double-tapping cadence on the retrieve. This "noise" is different enough to trigger strikes when standard rattles won't—which, on a tough tourney day, can spell the difference between cashing a check and going home empty-handed. Like the original Red Eye Shad, Strike King's Tungsten 2-Tap features the perfect shad-imitating body profile, with pro-designed paint jobs, large 3D red eyes, and premium VMC® Vanadium Cone Cut Hooks.

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