Muck-Itch Spray


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Muck-itch is one of the most common skin disorders found in horses throughout the country. It occurs when a bacterium called Dermatophilus congolensis is present. It is caused from prolonged rainfall resulting in a damp environment, muddy conditions, morning dew along with increased humidity and high temperatures. Under normal conditions, a horse?s external layer of skin provides a protective barrier from bacteria invasion. But when a horse?s skin remains wet for long periods of time, the skins normal defense mechanisms weakens and Muck-itch occurs. Horses are very sore and sensitive in these areas. This can also be known as Rain Scald, Dew Poisoning, Mud Fever, Scratches, Mud Rash, Cracked Heels or Rain Rot.

  • Our Products benefit the ?whole? Horse with the use of Organic Essential Oils.
  • Muckitch Products go beyond the actual call of typical grooming products.
  • They address the exterior, while maintaining and promoting the physical and psychological well being for both horse and rider.
  • Muck-itch Skin Saver.
  • It is an inexpensive treatment that conditions the skin as it heals the horse and encourages rapid hair growth.
  • It will not bleach the hair and continues to work for 24 hours.
  • It is painless and results are seen within two days.
  • Muck-itch Skin Saver has a pleasant smell and is extremely easy to use.