LeMieux Shoc Air XC Front Boots


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LeMieux Shoc XC Air Front Boot

Setting a new standard in Flexible XC Protection!

Representing the cutting edge of cross-country protection & design, the new ShocAir boots combine the latest developments in material and fabric advancement. These specialist performance boots have been designed to withstand the rigors of cross-country. Vented EVA mold technology gives pliable strength and airflow to the outer shell. Whilst, optimum strike protection is provided by a new impact responsive smart layer between the tendon and the outer boot. This Shoc smart layer is composed of impact responsive Dilettante material containing free-form molecules that remain supple & flexible when not under pressure. However, at the point of impact, the molecules articulate and lock together forming a hard protective shock-absorbing barrier. - only returning to a flexible state when pressure is released.

This elusive combination of strike protection & tendon support combined with flexibility & airflow come together in one lightweight boot. The Shoc Air from LeMieux is truly setting new standards in flexible cross-country protection.

Rigid tendon guards are now replaced by vertical strips of Shock Impact Responsive material that remains pliable until the point of impact.

The forward-facing outer air vents and inner lining of 3D mesh optimize breathability. Complimented by a soft stretch cotton inner lining to ensure comfort and prevent rubbing.

Available in a discrete black finish with deflective hexagonal molding detail.

  • Lightweight optimum weight to strength ratio
  • Minimal water Retention (less than 2%) - fabrics resist the uptake of water
  • Cut-away profile behind the knee ensures freedom and prevents pinching under full flexion
  • Strike protection: provided by EVA technology and Shoc dilettante material
  • Shock absorbing impact responsive smart layer minimizes the effect of concussion
  • Natural fit and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots.

Please be aware that correct fitting is essential for the optimum use of Stealth XC boots. To achieve a safe & secure fit these cross-country boots need to be put on firmly.

Remove from packaging and squeeze the strike guards between fingers to shape prior to putting on. The guards are often flattened when packaged and need to be made more pliable for best fitting.

  • 1. Place the strike guard at the back of the tendon with a cupped hand
  • 2. Firmly apply the top, middle and bottom straps in succession
  • 3. Once happy with the position of boots go back and re-tighten the middle molding-strap with its elasticated section. This is very important as it takes up any slack in the boot where the leg is narrower and prevents rotation
  • 4. The bottom strap should be slightly angled down to ensure the best fit around the fetlock

Note: Due to the structure of the boot and the nature of the Shoc Impact Responsive material it is difficult to over-tighten these boots.


  • Machine washable up to 30 degrees
  • A washing tablet/capsule can be used
  • Ensure all velcro is fastened together and clips are secured prior to washing
  • We recommend using a small LeMieux wash bag. This both protects your machine and prevents snagging on the drum or seals
  • Air dry near a heat source, never tumble dry
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