LeMieux ProSport StealthAir XC Front Boots


StealthAir XC Boots

These incredibly light and technical cross-country boots have been designed for strength and optimum protection with a new impact responsive smart layer between the leg and the outer Strike Guard. This smart layer is composed of impact responsive material know as ‘Shoc’ which contains free form molecules that remain supple & flexible when not under pressure. These molecules articulate and lock together when impacted forming a hard, protective barrier. The sheer force is dissipated and thus shields the horse's leg. Shoc molecules then return to a flexible state thereafter. This boot retains a PolyCarbonate strike guard covering the vulnerable rear tendon area.

The outer MicroFlex cage mesh offers lightweight protection with 360° air ventilation, permitting an exchange of air over its entire surface area whilst galloping, reducing tendon temperature. Offering cutting-edge shock absorption, tendon support & flexible PU strike guards, these StealthAir XC Boots offer the best cross-country protection at an affordable price, which in turn makes them suitable for tough general work including hunting, hacking & schooling.


Please be aware that correct fitting is essential for the optimum use of Shoc Air Boots. To achieve a safe & secure fit these cross-country boots need to be put on firmly. Remove from packaging and squeeze the strike guards between fingers to shape prior to putting on. The guards are often flattened when packaged and need to be made more pliable for best fitting.

  • 1. Place the strike guard at the back of the tendon with a cupped hand
  • 2. Firmly apply the top, middle and bottom straps in succession
  • 3. Once happy with the position of boots go back and re-tighten the middle molding-strap with its elasticated section. This is very important as it takes up any slack in the boot where the leg is narrower and prevents rotation. The bottom strap should be slightly angled down to ensure the best fit around the fetlock

Note: Due to the structure of the boot and the nature of the Shoc Impact Responsive material it is difficult to over-tighten these boots.

LeMieux Care Guide:

  • LeMieux boots are easily machine washable at a low temperature (preferably 30 degrees)
  • A washing tablet/capsule can be used
  • Ensure all velcro is fastened together and clip straps are attached prior to washing
  • Air dry near a heat source, never tumble dry
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