LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Skin Square Dressage Saddle Pad


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LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Skin Dressage Square

The new range of Dressage and EuroJump squares for the sensitive horse. The classic LeMieux cut lined with super soft Bamboo fabric and finished with a luxurious Merino+ trim on the outside edge. Ideal for thin-skinned and sensitive horses or those tricky times of the year when coats are changing.

The Merino+ trim alleviates any possibility of friction on the outer edge when under saddle with 30mm width of soft luxury wool.

Bamboo is the ultimate pad lining in all conditions with its lightweight, exceptionally soft feel. Its breathability and wicking properties are unrivaled along with the ability to disperse heat & odor.

  • Dressage saddle pad for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for thin-skinned and sensitive horses
  • Super soft Bamboo fabric
  • Luxurious Merino+ trim on the outside edge
  • Moisture-wicking

LeMieux Washing Instructions:

  • Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush
  • Machine wash at 30° on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash
  • Use Lemieux Wool Wash (available from Horse Health)
  • Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing
  • Air dry near a heat source. Never tumble dry
  • Avoid using strong fabric conditioners
  • Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing
  • Warning: In rare cases, dye from black wool items may leach from wool items giving a slight blue tint. Staining of grey coats can occur
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