Dotibel Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad


These saddle pads from Dotibel are unique, elegant and eye catching. Each have a Satin glow.

Cover 100% polyester. The bottom made of natural cotton fabric ensures sweat absorption and perfect fit under the saddle without moving. Thanks to a thick layer of fill saddle pad perfectly amortizes the work of the saddle. Decorated with an eco-leather logo.

Every saddle pad comes with a zipper bag, that can be ideally used also in the future for transportation or storing.

Green w/ Grey & White Flowers
Black/Red Peonies
Dusty Raspberry/Flowers
Blue Plaid/Poppy Flowers
Lilac/Light Beige Lace
Light Beige/Black Lace
Light Turquoise/Orange Flowers
Royal Blue/Red Flowers

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