Canter Equimist 360 - Dream Coat


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With Equimist 360, all your favourite Carr & Day & Martin products now benefit from this exclusive application technology, allowing horse owners to get the perfect finish every time. Equimist 360 can spray a full 360, meaning that you can even apply product whilst the dispenser is upside down, perfect for hard to reach areas such as the belly and undercarriage. These functional new bottles deliver a wider spray pattern and a fine misting application, which provides a completely even distribution of product. The minimal sound emitted when in use and the continuous spraying action, makes product application more acceptable to horses who previously would not tolerate traditional trigger sprays. The new packaging provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, meaning no more product is left in the bottom. Also hand fatigue, often associated with normal trigger sprays and aerosols, is dramatically reduced with Equimist 360 thanks to the ergonomically designed trigger head and continuous spray technology. Once youve experienced this revolutionary spray technology youll never want to use a traditional trigger spray again.

Dream Coat - A unique formulation to condition the coat to leave the ultimate high gloss shine. This unique non-slip formula can be used prior to plaiting and on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue.

Dreamcoat now benefits from our revolutionary Equimist 360 technology. Equimist 360 delivers a fine spray mist that gives complete coverage and a perfect finish every time.