Bigeloil Liquid Gel


Bigeloil Liquid Gel has the same unique Bigeloil formula that acts as a highly effective rub to refresh and invigorate sore muscles. This super convenient fast-acting gel allows controlled application for treating localized pain. Features:
  • Same trusted formula as Bigeloil
  • Convenient gel form - easy to apply to hard to reach areas
  • Relieves sore muscles, aches, strains, and arthritis
  • Versatile and Effective
  • Can be rubbed directly onto areas of pain
  • Can be used as external antiseptic and analgesic for minor cuts and abrasions
  • Can use with or without a wrap
  • If you rub, don't wrap
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No residue
  • Contemporary professional horse trainers and pleasure horse owners demand specialized products for specific needs. A sizeable segment of the market prefers the convenience a gel can provide in pain relief therapy. New Bigeloil Liquid Gel is highly controllable in application, yet quickly liquefies at body temperature for liquid-fast penetration.

    SKU: BC551033