Saddle Trial Policy

To ensure your satisfaction and saddle fit, we offer FREE saddle trials.

We'll help you find the perfect saddle, whether new or used and before you make the purchase you can bring it home and take it for a spin. 

All you have to do is put the funds down- cash, card, or check- to be held; nothing is processed. For all cards, the transaction will show as pending.

Typically we offer a 3 day trial period, but we are happy to accommodate you if you need an extra day or two.

After you have decided whether or not it's the saddle for you, let us know. If you love it, we will go ahead and process the payment and the saddle is all yours. If not, return the saddle to the store and we will give you your check/cash back or the pending charge will removed from your card. 

***Saddles must be returned in the same condition they were sent out in.


Below is the saddle trial agreement-

"A Millbrook employee must complete all information on this form. The customer must read the entire form and sign the bottom. The customer will receive a copy of this form to retain for their own records.

Any customer taking a saddle on trial must pay the full price of the saddle before leaving the store. Funds will be held for the duration of the trial and will be returned provided that the customer returns the saddle on the agreed date. If the customer would like to charge the saddle on a credit/debit card, the issuing bank will at that time provide an authorization number to Millbrook, allowing the sale amount to be placed on hold until the customer returns the saddle. Upon the timely return of the saddle the held amount will be released from the credit/debit card. Depending on the issuer it may take up to 2 weeks for the funds to appear as available. 

In the event that the saddle is not returned to Millbrook by agreed date, the saddle will be considered SOLD to below customer. Millbrook will at that time redeem the funds that were on hold. Likewise, in the event of a credit/debit hold, the amount will be charged to the customer's card.

When the saddle is returned it must be in the same condition as when it left the store. If any damage was incurred, it is at the discretion of Millbrook Tack to charge the customer for the damage. 

In order to avoid marks on the saddle flap, it is Millbrook's preference that stirrup leathers not be used, but if they are needed, please wrap them well to prevent any marks. Please use your own cinch on western saddles. 

Customer satisfaction is extremely important. Please notify Millbrook once a decision has been reached as to whether or not the saddle is a proper fit, or if there are any further questions."