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Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Snaffle Bit - 12 mm

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The Team Up is the ergonomically modernised French Link; a much more comfortable mouthpiece that promotes better performance all round. This lozenge is designed to share the tongue contact area with the adjacent loops to give a smoother feel over the tongue. The double joint allows more flexibility ensuring a clearer and more independent rein aid.

12mm DL, with 70mm Snaffle rings available in sizes 5″ – 6.5″ in 1/4″increments.

Dressage Legal

The Neue Schule Salox is Neue Schule’s unique composition – This is a warmer softer metal with a very high copper content and Neue Schule additive to maximise on oxidation (Nickel Free). This promotes salivation, mouthing, acceptance and harmony. Many horses that have previously only been bittable in rubber or nylon have proven extremely comfortable in the Neue Schule Salox. All bits in the Neue Schule Collection have high density stainless steel rings, cheeks, etc., for appearance and durability.


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