Kavalkade Lambskin Saddle Pad


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A saddle pad made from medical lambskin is the ideal pad for riding. On the one hand, the lambskin is antiallergic and antiseptic. This means that even horses with sensitive skin can wear a saddle pad. In addition, the lambskin promotes blood circulation in the muscles of the horses. Naturally created, the coat massages the horse's back while riding. In addition, no heat build-up develops under medical lambskin. Due to the natural creation, the fur has a temperature-regulating effect and the horses do not start sweating under the lambskin so quickly. A saddle pad with real lambskin also has the special property of being dimensionally stable. This means that the lambskin straightens up again after each ride. The saddle rolls are very selective and compress the lambskin. Despite sweat, the shape is retained. Even if the saddle lies on the lambskin and the skin is pressed together by the impacts of riding, good quality lambskin does not come apart, but retains its shape and is only pressed together. As a result, the pad is very shock-absorbing, adapts anatomically to the horse and there are no pressure points or chafing. Such saddle pads are very gentle on the horse's back.

  • Saddle pad with medical lambskin
  • Without pockets
  • With fur trim at the front and back
  • Shorn chamber channel
  • Washable at 30°C

Size: M = approx. 55 cm, L = approx. 62 cm (back length including lambskin)