Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Leather Tendon Boot - Removable Impact Liner

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The Boyd Martin Leather Tendon Boot is made from the finest Argentine leather, chosen by Audi, BMW and Porsche for its luxurious look, feel, and high durability. European styling gives it a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The boot features a removable, perforated impact protection liner made from a neoprene-free, proprietary high-impact bio foam that repels force, providing an additional layer of protection. The liner can be removed for easy cleaning, and extra-wide (1.25" width) straps ensure ultimate comfort for your horse.

• Quality Fine Leather Construction

• Removable Liner for Easy Cleaning

• Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner

• Built in Impact Protection

• Lightweight and Breathable

• Double Stitched Binding and Finishes

• Easy Snap Closures

Sold as a Pair. Comes in a Black Leather Look Carry Bag.