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Back On Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

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The Therapeutic Mesh Sheet from Back on Track provides your horse with the best care. This Welltex fabric sheet retains your horse's natural body heat to generate infrared thermal warmth, which increases blood circulation to help muscles stay loose and recover more quickly. The sheet may be used alone or underneath blankets as a liner. Perfect for any horse that is susceptible to back stiffness, soreness, or arthritis. They will benefit from the rejuvenating powers of this therapeutic mesh sheet. It is recommended that you start by introducing the blanket to your horse slowly, in 2-4 hour intervals for the first few days, gradually increasing exposure time over the course of a few weeks. After that time, the blanket may be worm as needed. For best results, use it overnight and prior to exercise to help stiffen muscles loosen and blood flow increase. Machine washable, hang to dry.


  • Welltex fabric retains horse's natural body heat to generate infrared thermal warmth
  • Increases blood circulation to relieve sore muscles and arthritis
  • May be worn alone or as a liner
  • Ideal for overnight and pre-ride use
  • Surcingle and buckle closure
  • Large tail flap
  • Fleece padded wither relief
  • Machine washable, air dry
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