Douglas Nudge Horse Stuffed Animal

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Keep an eye on your pockets when you visit the barn, Nudge the plush Horse is always in search of treats and has no issue nosing around for them! This plucky colt features fantastically soft materials that boast a striking dappled pattern accented with white markings. Nudge’s silky mane and tail contain black and white colors that blend for a handsome appearance. An outstretched pose makes him an ideal companion for hugs. Nudge’s light colored feet have been gently weighted with beans for a floppy and fun cuddling experience that Horse lovers will find irresistible. Bring an apple or maybe a carrot or two for this frisky Horse stuffed animal and you’re sure to become Nudge’s favorite person!

  • Dimensions: 15" × 5" × 8"
  • Age: 24 Months & Up
  • Surface wash