Horze Smoky Twilight Anatomic Bridle with Curved Browband

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A stunning and ergonomic bridle designed with both style and comfort in mind.

The bridle is equipped with a padded anatomic headpiece and crank noseband, meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort and alleviate pressure on sensitive areas of the horse's head. This feature ensures a pleasant and ergonomic fit for your equine companion. The flash strap can be removed if you prefer to ride without it. To customize your horse's look, the browband can be easily removed and exchanged. With its patent croco details in brow- and noseband, this bridle is an eye-catcher at shows and training sessions.

  • Padded anatomic head piece
  • Easily removable curved browband
  • Croco patent leather insert in browband and noseband
  • Crank noseband softly padded
  • Fixed flash tab with removable flash strap
  • Reins not included