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Kavalkade Isabella Dressage Bridle with Drop Noseband

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The Hanoverian bridle Isabella is an elegant bridle with a chic, narrow rhinestone headband. The noseband is square-cambered. The buckles on the sides have subtle metal loops, which also give a nice profile from the side. The leather is made of our quality leather, which can show strong sturdiness and durability. The headpiece and noseband are padded. Including narrow rubberized reins with bars.

  • Hanoverian noseband, adjustable on both sides
  • Padded headpiece and noseband
  • Curved browband with small white rhinestones and black hemispheres
  • Metal loops on the buckles - Square-
  • Cambered noseband - Includes
  • Narrow rubberized reins with bars
  • Material: leather
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Fittings: silver
  • Color: black


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