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HKM Sports Black Fleur Dressage Bridle

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The Fleur bridle is an English combined bridle with deflection buckles. A softly padded headpiece and a wide contact area in the poll, which has ear cutouts, as well as an extra softly padded noseband ensure the best possible comfort on the horse's head. The reins are made of woven tape with leather stoppers and are comfortable to hold. The bridle impresses visually with a browband adorned with many large, clear rhinestones and a noseband that particularly shines with a patent leather surface at the front. The fine silver-colored fittings are robust and blend harmoniously into the particularly attractive overall picture of the high-quality bridle.

  • Deflection buckle
  • Without teeth
  • Quality leather
  • Silver fittings
  • Headband with synthetic diamonds
  • Extra soft padded noseband
  • Headpiece softly padded
  • Wide contact area in the poll with ear cutouts
  • Woven tape reins with leather stoppers


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