Fager Oliver Sweet Iron Bradoon Loose Ring

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Product Details

A Registered Design

Fager Oliver is suitable if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Pulls against a contact yet reacts to increased pressure.
  • Unsteady in the contact.
  • Easily develops sores and cuts.
  • Doesn’t instinctively seek out the contact.

Fager Oliver is a double-jointed sweet tasting bit constructed in grey Sweet iron.  Sweet iron is very useful in encouraging young or unbalanced horses to take up the bit and carry it correctly.

The fine quality construction creates a 100% smooth surface all over the bit, including the cleverly designed joints which are arranged in such a way that they will never push against the palate or lie on top of the bars. Oliver’s design provides a very comfortable bit that shapes around the natural contours of the tongue.

At Fager we design our bits to maintain the correct balance point (BP) in the mouth.  Other bit designs create a bigger bend forward, therefore move the BP forward and reducing the effectiveness of the aids. Nils is designed to give extra stability in the mouth for more direct, effective communication making it less confusing for horses who don’t instinctively respond to the aids.

Oliver’s design is well suited to horses with sensitive mouths who cut easily, quickly developing sores/wounds in the corners of their mouths and/or bruise on the bars.

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