Fager Bianca Titanium Fixed Ring

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If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Can be on/off in the connection.
  • Slow reactions for your aids.
  • Feel stuck and stiff to ride.
  • Sensitive for bar pressure


Bianca is a durable and lightweight double-jointed titanium bit.

Titanium is a material that helps provide steady, reassuring communication to your horse through the reins.

The shape of the mouthpiece combined with the short centerpiece eliminates palate interference. It breaks to the outside of the tongue.

The Titanium Roller gives your horse something to play with and is also a good option if he can be stiff in the mouth.

Bianca will work for many different kinds of horses; it is a bit worth trying.

Wouldn't be surprised if this will be your horse's new favorite.

105mm 12mm 65mm
115mm 12mm 65mm
125mm 14mm 65mm
135mm 14mm 65mm
145mm 14mm 65mm


Normal in size. If you are between sizes, go up.

Note; Bianca has the same mouthpiece as Alice. Bianca is the snaffle version = normal snaffle rings. Alice is the bradoon version = smaller rings.

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