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Basic Equine Gut Health BetterRide Gel

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BetterRide Gel is a Whole Horse Health booster that tends to intensely increase focus and relax the horse while continuing to provide all the GUT HEALTH benefits for soft, willing, and supple performance. BetterRide Gel tube includes all the benefits of the EZ Xtra Gel with added amino acids and minerals for a well-balanced, correctly functioning system. BetterRide improves complete muscle function through efficient ATP recreation from contraction through recoil. BetterRide Gel effectively increases focus and mental clarity without any dulling of response to your cues or negatively altering your horse’s way of going. BetterRide Gel, with the EZ Xtra Gel base, continues to provide your horse with the ability to be soft and pliable in the belly and back, allowing for performance to the full potential. Also, being that the amino acids and minerals are delivered along with essential electrolytes, your horse should drink more water which, again, enhances overall horse health!!

BetterRide Gel was designed to provide Better Rides by naturally improving the entire health of your horse. Nothing less, Nothing more, Just Performance at Full Potential.


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